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We appreciate you visiting our website. This document mentions all the privacy policy that we cater to while collecting your personal information. When you visit our website, we collect and store your personal data. Therefore, before using our website make it a point to visit our privacy policy.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we ensure none of your information is misused or abused. We respect your privacy and use your information only to understand your searching behaviour.

Before we collect your data, we will understand your personality type or rather what your searching behaviour is i.e. what you are searching for. Thereafter, we will try our best to provide you the information, services, or products that you are searching for. All the searching, collecting of data, and suggestion of products and services are practiced in accordance of law.

We retain your personal information as long as it is required. Once your purpose is fulfilled, we generally don’t keep your information stored.

We collect individual data as per the law and only when required or appropriate with the consent of the individual concerned.

The personal data we collect should be relevant to what we offer and what the user is searching for.

We make it a point to ensure all users data is safe and secure. We don’t pass information to a third party without the knowledge of the concerned user.

We understand how much you care about your personal information. Customers who have submitted their information on our website can request the deletion of their personal information by writing to us at
We will delete their personal information and communicate the same through email.
We are committed to conduct business as per the protocols to make sure complete confidentiality is maintained. Home Storeys has the liberty to change the privacy policy terms at its sole discretion. When you inquire on our website, you have to provide certain required details which helps us find best solutions. You authorize the using and storage of your data with us. This approval/authorization provided by a user will disregard a registration made by the user under the National Do Not Call (‘NDNC’) registry.

Privacy Contact Information

In case, you have a concern about your privacy or information or confidential data, feel free to contact us at the below mentioned email id:

By e-mail :

By Phone : +91 33-4016 7700

Home Storeys reserves the liberty to make adjustments to this policy anytime. Changes made to this policy will be posted as and when possible.

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