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About UsBuilding upon a legacy of excellence and trust since 1987, NK Realtors proudly introduces Home Storeys. Here, your journey to finding, buying, and selling ready-to-move-in homes, under-construction homes, and resale flats in South Kolkata, North Kolkata, East Kolkata, and Central Kolkata is as easy as a friendly conversation. Established in 2023 by the visionary leadership team at NK Realtors, we aim to transform how you experience real estate.With NK Realtors' strong presence, deep industry knowledge, and an extensive client network backing us, Home Storeys has become the go-to destination for hassle-free real estate transactions in Kolkata. Our commitment to transparency shines through in every step of the process, from swift documentation to seamless closures.At Home Storeys, we understand that buying or selling a home is more than a transaction; it's about making dreams come true. That's why we've tailored our services to prioritize your needs. We offer a range of value-added services aimed at making your journey smoother because we believe that your home story should be a delightful one. We aim to help you with the correct market valuation of the property, documentation & verification, loan assistance, property legal assistance & advice, location and property matching, finding the right buyer and seller and much more.
Ready HomesDedicated to enable effortless sale and purchase of ready-to-move-in home.
Under ConstructionRich bank of upcoming projects and under-construction homes across locations in Kolkata.
MissionAt Home Storeys, our mission is to make the process of finding, buying, and selling ready-to-move homes in Kolkata as seamless and delightful as a friendly conversation, while prioritizing transparency, innovation, and personal service.
VisionTo be the ultimate destination for effortless and transparent ready-to-move home transactions in Kolkata, redefining real estate through innovation, technology and personalisation.
Core ValuesOur core values are transparency, innovation, personalization, trust, effortlessness, and a client-centric approach. These values underpin our mission to redefine the real estate experience in Kolkata, guiding us in every interaction and decision.
Why Use Home Storeys
Finding your dream home in Kolkata can feel overwhelming. Home Storeys, the leading real estate company in Kol ...Read More
AspectHome StoreysLocal / Small Agents
Property SelectionWide variety of optionsLimited property listings
Legal AssistanceFacilitates legal adviceLack such assistance
TransparencyTransparent processesPotential hidden information
Property VerificationComprehensive due diligenceMay lack property verification
Financing OptionsAssistance in finding loansLimited financing options
Why Sell with HOME STOREYS
AspectHome StoreysLocal / Small Agents
Property ValuationAccurate property appraisalMay undervalue the property
Marketing StrategiesComprehensive marketingLimited marketing capabilities
Listing ExposureWider audience reachLimited online presence
Buyer ScreeningPre-qualified buyersLimited buyer screening
Negotiation SkillsStrong negotiation skillsVarying negotiation abilities
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NK AssistYour Tailored Approach to Home Solutions
NK Think Pad Helping Real Estate Developers to Achieve Their Business Goals
NK ResearchNK Research specializes in conducting project feasibility studies, offering valuable insights into market prospects and effective risk mitigation strategies. Leveraging our extensive 35+ years of experience, we provide you with a competitive edge by deepening your understanding of target markets, optimizing product dynamics, assessing relevant competitors, evaluating project performance, and ultimately maximizing project profitability.More About NK Research
Business consultingNK Business Consulting Experts are available to aid aspiring real estate magnates in their growth journey, offering comprehensive market expertise and over 35 years of experience. Our objective is to provide developers with holistic consulting support, enabling them to enhance their skills and proficiency in this ever-competitive industry.More About Business consulting
Brand Development & SupportNK THINK PAD is dedicated to providing support with cutting-edge and innovative ideas, combined with over 35 years of NK expertise. Our aim is to assist developers in establishing a robust brand identity and standing out in a highly competitive market.More About Brand Development